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About lamps, black boards, solar panels ánd marimba and vibraphones

The quartet, the litmus test within classical music. All voices are represented in this magical quartenion that asks for the utmost of composer and performer. The playing field is open with no place to hide.

Slagwerk Den Haag presents five quartets from the 20th and 21st century that translate the classic quartet values to a contemporary idiom. Steve Reich might have written the most classical percussion quartet for two vibraphones and two marimbas. In his Mallet Quartet one of the greatest composers of our time brings the classical string quartet elements to the 21st century.

Third Construction by John Cage is written for an exotic collection of instruments challenging the percussionist to perform many ‘variations on a theme’ in an energizing way.

Mayke Nas, who was Composer Laureate of the Netherlands from 2016-2018, uses classic compositional elements, such as the canon, in her masterpiece for four black boards on which the percussionists chalk texts by Peter Handke into music.

With a fat wink of the eye the young Hungarian composer Matyas Wettl wrote Nocturne for percussion quartet and sixteen light switches and lamps, in which technical virtuosity and transparence are absolute requirements.

As surprising element Force Field is performed, a new work by the Mexican composer Hugo Morales. With amongst others four solar panels and a light beacon he plays on on the central theme of this program.

Mallet Quartet for 2 marimbas & 2 vibraphones – Steve Reich
Third Construction for 4 unorthodox percussion set-ups – John Cage
Nocturne for percussion quartet and 16 light switches and lamps – Mátyás Wettl
I Delayed People's Flights By Walking Slowly In Narrow Hallways for percussion quartet and 4 black boards – Mayke Nas & Wouter Snoei
Force Field – Hugo Morales

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